ICP International Lab is an exciting project supporting people who are working with Personal Construct Psychology (PCP), or who are interested in constructivist approaches and looking for development opportunities.

We are connecting people across locations and professional disciplines, facilitating conversations and exchanges, and creating new learning and development opportunities.

At international events and conferences we meet many colleagues from around the world with a keen interest in Personal Construct Psychology but not every country or professional group can create and sustain a programme of PCP training, development and support. We know it can be difficult to find a way in to our world – so, welcome to our new ‘international lab’!

Why a ‘Lab’?
– a place for experimentation
– a space for people-as-scientists
– a focus on continuous learning and challenge
– based on George Kelly’s idea of groups as ‘social laboratories’
The work of the Lab will grow through collaboration, conversation and exploration – if you would like to explore projects and possibilities, or find out what’s happening internationally in PCP, please contact us – we will be delighted to hear from you!


Introducing our launch team at the European Personal Construct Psychology Conference in Galzignano, Italy in 2016: Gabriele Bendenelli, Chiara Lui, Mary Frances,  Giovanni Stella and Sara Pavanello 


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